Creating Web3 communities
and rewarding experiences
with tokens.

Through decentralised applications and platforms, Web3 presents the future of democratic community driven experiences, reflecting new generational values and aspirations.

Buzzmint is ‘the’ platform and agency that allows business, brands, content creators and communities to access Web3, enabling them to quickly and easily create hugely engaging, participation led campaigns of utility and value.

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Fiat Payments.

Buzzmint takes the pain out of blockchain by allowing users to pay with FIAT money. In simple terms Fiat money means most coin and paper currencies that are used throughout the world. No more crypto exchange!

One time use tokens.

A Buzzmint one-time use token is a ‘token’ often given as a reward that is capable of producing a single-use action. This could be a ticket for a IRL or digital event, a free coffee, beer or whatever you want it to be!

However with Buzzmint one-time tokens, the token stub is retained by the owner and can be used to access other activities at a later date, taking their utility to another level.

Multi level minting sign-offs.

If you’re an enterprise company launching a large scale token project, you will naturally want some in-built oversight if you have multiple people working on the project. Buzzmints Multi-level sign off systems ensures this. On the Buzzmint brand set-up it is possible for the creator to cement a sign-off system that requires a multi-signature sign-off before the project goes live.

Integrated storefront.

We understand that Brands, businesses or content creators do not want to send their hard won customers to outside Web3 platforms and this is why we have developed our unique whitelabel solution that enables clients to fully integrate their Brand Page Marketplace within their own website and digital infrastructure.

Instant airdrops.

An Token/digital asset Airdrop, or free drop, is a way to distribute freshly minted Tokens to multiple customers, fans or community members or at once. It is an superb method for rewarding and encouraging participation. These instant airdrops can literally be anything, only limited by the imagination of the ‘giver’. For example they could be a piece of digital artwork, a ticket to an event, a song, a redeemable token for a coffee, beer, flight or even Cryptocurrency.

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