Creating Web3 communities
and rewarding experiences
with tokens.

Buzzmint enables brands to quickly and easily mint tokens
utilising blockchain technology and creating functional
and engaging campaigns for their loyal community.


Build your Web3 community and grow your brand presence through tokenising your assets and I.P.


Reward and engage with your loyal community through gamification, airdrops and IRL events


Create brand legacy and longevity through strategic and staged campaign roadmaps.

What We Do.

Buzzmint is ‘the’ platform and agency that allows business, brands, content creators and communities to access Web3, enabling them to quickly and easily create hugely engaging, participation led campaigns of utility and value.

Case Study.

Buzzmint has a wide range of clients and we take a closer look into each campaign and the benefits for the our clients and their communities


BuzzCast will be discussing all aspects of Blockchain and how it can or has helped in different business sectors. We already have a range of diverse business people but we always want more.

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Let's GO!

Connect with our team to discuss your Web3 needs and we can book in an
ideation session and look at your Web 3 strategy to build your community.

Learn, upskill and further your knowledge.

The go to blockchain learning portal and ‘ideation’ hub enabling brands, influencers and individuals to discover and learn everything about the power of  blockchain technology and what it can do.